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Absorption can refer to a wide variety of abilities where a user gains an increase in ability via external means.


There are several variants to this particular ability. They are listed below.

  • Power Absorption: The power to steal some or all of the powers and abilities from others and make them one’s own. Power Replication is when a user simply copies the target's abilities without stealing them.
    • Accumulate various abilities.
    • Absorb different powers from the target gaining access to several powers.
    • The use of different powers.
    • High-level users can absorb the life force of the victim, killing them in the process.
  • Energy Absorption: The power to absorb various forms of kinetic energy into oneself and utilize it in some way, such as converting it into physical strength or using it for energy blasts.
    • Absorb energy from electronic devices.
    • Absorb energy from a person's body.
    • Absorb energy attacks.
    • Absorb the energy that's around you
  • Life-Force Absorption: The power to absorb the health and life of others and make it one’s own.
  • Biological Absorption: The user can absorb others into their body, gaining access to their powers and memories. Sometimes this is just used to get rid of a foe that could not be destroyed otherwise.


Some notable users include;

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