Athleticism depicts an ability that could only be gained through fit human condition and some amount of training towards that end.

This power is possible and even common in the real world, although fictitious characters often achieve ridiculous feats using it to a superhuman extreme.

Possible Uses

  • Parkour- By training alone, human beings are able to train themselves to achieve amazing leaping distances and tumbling ability.
  • Acrobatics- The human ability to move via flips, rolls, etc. Parkour, and other abilities, are an extension of this ability.
  • Wallrunning- The ability to move on walls by running and using momentum.
  • Wallclimbing- The ability to climb walls to an amazing degree, such as sheer cliffs.
  • Stamina Enhancement- Users are abnormally energetic, able to continue going beyond what typical people should be able to do.

...and many more. This ability maintains a huge variety of domains over essentially any advanced physical activity. Keep this in mind.


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