Little is known about it's only that master rosh had it and that kami piccolo or the nameless namek  are who made it as the instructions were in Namek.

One swing of the fan will cause a tremendous Wind second swing dark clouds will cover the sky on the Third swing A violent thunderstorm and downpour.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | At least High 7-A 

Name: Bansho Fan

Origin: Dragonball

Age: Unknown

Classification: Magic Fan

Wielders: Goku, Piccolo, Time Petroler, Annin, Master Roshi

Powers and Abilities: Air Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation

Attack Potency: Unknown (Can create thunderstorms) | Small Island level (Could knock down Annin who could fight on even grounds with End of Original Dragon Ball Goku, making her a small country level character; that said, it was not a lethal attack)

Speed: Unknown | Hypersonic+

Durability:Unknown | Unknown

Range: Unknown| At least thousands of meters (Caused a storm reaching over an entire mountain)

Weaknesses: None Notable


  • Could knock down Annin
  • Crated a storm which can cover an entire mountain and the surrounding area

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  1. Gust of Wind

Note: The main ability of this item is to cause a gust of wind that can knock over small country level characters

Key: Canon | Composite

Note: The canon Bansho Fan has no feats hence the composite.

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