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The Creepypastas are shorts (or long) histories of horror spreaded in the internet.  The term "Creepypasta" derivates from two words: "Creepy" (Something scary) and "Paste" (Derived from Copy Paste, a term that refers to when a text is copied and pasted from one site to another).

Normally, these stories can be found in wikis addressed to them, forums, blogs or other sites on the Internet. The objective of these stories is to frighten, cause intrigue or a feeling of concern / emptiness in people who come to read these stories that, by their great recognition, can become urban legends. 

The stories presented in the creepypastas range from real-life events, cursed video games, lost episodes of television series, or stories created to entertain in which a particular character is presented. Commonly the creepypastas are in a written format, but there are times when this format can lead to making a narrated video, which tells as if it were an audiobook the written stories of the creepypastas, although there are cases in which the same creators of these videos create their own stories as a creepypasta.

In this page, the profiles of those characters that are related to this type of stories will be compiled.

Power of the Verse

The power of this verse varies too much. The majority of characters are between tier 10 to tier 9, and almost always demonstrate achievements ranging from athlete level to street level, and in some cases to wall level.

However, you can see that there are characters that far exceed the aforementioned level, since there are characters from town level, to a planetary level, from stellar level to higher as an universal level to multiversal+. Likewise several characters of the verse has a remarkable speed, there are characters on superhuman speed and at extreme levels we find infinite or immeasurable speed.

However, the highlight of the verse are the hax's. The powers that the characters possess are very varied and interesting. 

Among the most basic we can find powers such as manipulating minds or creating illusions, such as having a higher level of stealth mastery. Among the more advanced powers we find characters that can manipulate souls and remove them with a simple touch, as well as cause terrible nightmares in those who are affected by the character in question, or we also find powers like altering the climate of a whole town at will, or appear things from nothing and manipulate the matter.

About the powers that are already above the aforementioned, we can find more variety. There are characters that can create universes of a simple thought, as well as characters capable of manipulating the reality of infinite planes. We also have other characters that can bring chaos with their mere presence and remove/devour the souls of those close to it, and characters capable of manipulating destiny and controlling an infinite number of multiverses with their power. Other characters can exist on a dimensional plane superior to ours and be omnipresent on a large scale.

And it should be noted that in most cases this type of powers gives them a great advantage over the enemy and even give them an instant victory over their victims, since in most cases the skills can ignore the conventional durability.

Supporters and Opponents





Celestial Beings & Demons

Extradimensional Beings



Haunted Locations and Objects

Cryptids & Beasts

Other Creatures


Verses related to the Creepypastas

Some verses that has some relation with the Creepypastas, either due to being inspired by them, or having a beginning thanks to these stories.