And peace upon you Salah, what have you brought me this time?
— Travel Among the Nine Seas of Sand


Dragons are powerful flying beasts found in the Dungeons and Dragons setting, and typically are defined by avarice and hatred of mankind. They will regularly raze countrysides and decimate populations in pursuit of treasure. They are, above all, intelligent, and in the case of greater variations, very ancient.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C | Likely High 7-C

Name: Dragon | Chromatic Dragon, Metallic Dragon

Origin: Dungeons and Dragons

Gender: Varies

Age: Varies

Classification: Dragon | True Dragon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (Wall of Ice, Freezing Fog), Flight, Magic, Fear Manipulation (via Frightful Presence), Energy Projection, Energy Manipulation, Resistance to physical harm and magical abilities, Invulnerability to Sleep Manipulation and Paralysis, Blindsense, Darkvision, Keen Senses, Limited Darkness Manipulation (Darkness Spell), Plant Manipulation (Plant Growth, Command Plants), Corruption (Corrupt Water), Summoning (Insect Plague, Summon Monster), Mind Manipulation (Charm spells, Dominate Person), Electricity Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Sound Imitation), Illusion Creation (Hallucinatory Terrain, Veil, Mirage Arcana), Life Support (Water Breathing), Clairvoyance (Find the Path, Discern Location, Foresight), Air Manipulation (Fog Cloud, Gust of Wind), Weather Manipulation (Control Weather), Sleep Manipulation, Telepathy (Detect Thoughts), Shapeshifting (Alternate Form), Water Manipulation (Control Water), Earth Manipulation (Stone Shape, Move Earth, Wall of Stone), Transmutation (Transmute Mud to Rock/Rock to Mud), Light Manipulation (Sunburst), Fate Manipulation (Geas/Quest requires target to go on a quest or suffer negative effects until quest is finished), Holy Manipulation (Bless), Gravity Manipulation (Feather Fall, Reverse Gravity), Statistics Amplification (Empower Spell, Maximize Spell), likely many others

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Capable of vaporizing a 60-ft cone of stone with its breath) | Likely Large Town level (Vastly superior to lesser forms, laughably above them)

Speed: Transonic (Goes roughly 6.7x as fast as a peak human being)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly Class 50 (By sheer size alone; larger dragons are over a hundred feet long)

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Durability: Probably Town level (Capable of surviving attacks from beings comparable to them) | At least Large Town level, possibly City level (Vastly superior to previous renditions, damage resistance allows them to negate a certain amount of damage done by each attack)

Stamina: Very high, capable of guarding certain dungeons for hundreds of years if needed

Range: Dozens of meters, higher with magical abilities

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius, capable of understanding complex magics

Weaknesses: Varies depending on dragon- Red Dragons are weak to Cold, while White Dragons are weak to Fire, etc

Key: Dragons | Chromatic and Metallic Dragons


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