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Dragon Ball is a manga series created by Akira Toriyama, featuring Son Goku, a buy raised in a forest who would soon learn about his true heritage and become the Guardian of Earth. Along the way he meets constant threats, from Mercenaries, Aliens, Gods, and many more. Even then he gains countless allies, eventually forming a group known as the Z-Warriors. Dragon Ball is the prototype for most modern Shonen Manga/Anime, with its influence being felt all across the genres, particularly the HST (for example, Naruto and Luffy are clearly inspired by Goku).

Power of the Verse


Dragon Ball starts off with characters in the Superhuman Range in Dragon Ball to Cosmic and even Universal power. As each arc passes a new or returning character provides the new benchmark in power.


Speed is a debatable topic, but generally, all these characters start at Superhuman, Ended at High Hypersonic at the End of Dragon Ball, Relativistic, while FTL in short bursts through Dragon Ball Z, and consistently being FTL in Dragon Ball Super.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series



Darkmon cns

Paleomario66 (Especially Super and Kai)


Mr. Bambu



ConsumingFire (Loved Z, though Super is rather forgetful)


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