There's no other swordsman as tough as me!
— Elsword

Sword Knight
This will hurt... a lot!
— Sword Knight

Lord Knight (Transcendence)
For the pride of the royal knights!
— Lord Knight

Feel the burn!
— Magic Knight

What're you looking at? I'm over here!
— Rune Slayer

450px-SheathKnight R
Slice and Dice!
— Sheath Knight

Come at me cowards!
— Infinity Sword



Elsword is a playable character of the same name of a game "Elsword". He is a talented sword fighter and is great in close quarters combat. He is quick and can take a lot of hits from others. He is trained by his sister Elesis and is rather hot-headed. Now he is on a quest to look for his missing sister and the gems that is the source for his kingdom.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | 5-C

Name: Elsword, Elboy

Origin: Elsword

Gender: Male

Age: 13, 15 (1st class promotion), 16 (2nd class promotion), 18 Currently

Classification: Human, Knight

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Explosion Manipulation, Sand Manipulation, Magic Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Poison Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Has been able to take down Wally No. 8 alongside others who is a giant robot, has also been capable of fighting against Solace who is one of the six El Masters and a gifted user of El energy, El is stated to keep the entire planet in check preventing it from being a disaster), possibly Higher | Moon level (Comparable to if not superior than Solace who is one of the El Masters and protects the planet going unstable)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Can dodge lasers and missiles), Possibly Massively Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Class GJ | Class NJ

Durability: Large Building level (Capable of taking hits from Wally No. 8, Nasod Inspector. And can also fight Banthus who can slam his sword so hard that he creates a shockwave. In Hall of El, Elsword has taken hits from clones of his friends and himself, and also tanked hits from Skin Splitter) | Unknown

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Short, Dozen of Meters as a Magic Knight and beyond

Standard Equipment: Great Sword, Rune Swords, Fire Magic, Runes, Conwells

Intelligence: Above Average

Weaknesses: Hot-Headed

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Mega Slash: Imbue your sword to deliver a devastating blow.
  • Flame Geyser: Slamming his blade onto the ground, a pillar of fire will appear giving enemies a burn effect.
  • Unlimited Blade: Go in an onslaught of blade swings and soon create an explosion.
  • Assault Slash: Rush towards the enemy to pierce the enemy with a great deal of damage.
  • Triple Geyser: Smash your blade onto the ground to create 3 pillars of fire.
  • Iron Body: Have your defense go up.

Sword Knight

  • Kick: Give a strong kick
  • Mortal Blow: Continuously smash your blade on the ground having rocks shoot up.
  • Impact Smash: Swinging your sword, smash it down onto the ground afterward
  • Auto Guard: Automatically block the opponent's attacks.
  • Armor Break: Break through your enemies armor to reduce their defense.

Lord Knight

  • Armageddon Blade: Call forth a massive blade to extend your attacks for a limited time.
  • Sandstorm: Generate a strong tornado of sand that decreases the enemies' accuracy.
  • Counter Attack: Block physical attacks.
  • Sonic Blade: Create a shockwave around you forming a circle as enemies hit by the shockwave will now be stunned.
  • Gigantic Slash: stun the enemy with killing intent and follow it up with multiple blows.
  • Wind Slicer: Adds a chance to create bonus wind attacks while attacking.
  • Warrior Physique: Reduces damage taken and increases maximum HP.
  • Windmill: Spin in a furious whirlwind attack while being in Super Armor
  • Counter Patience:  Increases damage when debuffed.

Magic Knight

  • Explosive Fist: Punch enemies imbued with explosives.
  • Wind Blade: Attack your enemies with a magical wave, burning down their mana.
  • Sword Wave: Attack with a ranged energy wave.
  • Storm Blade: Draw multiple magical swords storming them upon your opponent.
  • Rising Slash: Summon 6 large magical swords from the ground.

Rune Slayer

  • Phoenix Talon: Summons the Phoenix that damages nearby enemies before Elsword absorbs its power to gain a buff.
  • Sword Fire: Unleash a flaming sword attack that incinerates the ground and gives your sword a flame buff. (Can also be activated in midair)
  • Magic Counter: Attempts to counter a magical projectile. You can reflect all magical projectiles within the duration.
  • Splash Explosive: Carve a large rune to damage enemies.
  • Fire Rune: Carve Sheath Knighta large stationary fire rune that burns.
  • Shining Rune Blaster: Imprison surrounding enemies within a magical black hole and call forth a huge wave of rune swords to crush enemies.

Sheath Knight

  • Sword Shield:  Summon a shield of 5 swords which damage and adds a chance to inflict the Bleed debuff to enemies.
  • Crescent Cut: Attack and swing the sword 3 times. Charging forwards and causing constant damage.
  • Fatal Slap: Slash with a deep cut.
  • Final Strike: Create a force which pulls in enemies. Slash enemies for the final blow.
  • Sword Fall: Summons Conwell swords and rain them down on enemies.

Infinity Sword

  • Phantom Sword: Summon a Phantom Sword that follows and mimics your attacks for extra damage along with a chance to inflict critical strike.
  • Rage Cutter: Summon multiple swords from the ground. Summoned swords have a low chance to inflict bleed debuff into enemies.
  • Compact Counter: Use your swords to counter. Magical attacks and projectiles can be reflected for a short time when attempting to counter.
  • Sword Blasting: Execute a stab followed by 3 conwell swords.
  • Harsh Chaser: Throws a sword towards enemies which pulls them in.
  • Infinite: Flurry: Uses divergent and unrestricted sword skills to wave the sword violently.
  • Infinite Strike: Charge forward with multiple Conwell swords, lifting enemies and cutting them down ruthlessly.
  • Blade Circle: Creates space around self then attacks by emitting magical swords all around.
  • Infinite Chaser: Generates numerous conwells that pierces through enemies to do enormous continuous hits.
  • Blade Rain: Generates numerous of conwells to scatter around all over the place attacking any enemy nearby.

Key: Base Job to First Job | Third Jobs



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