You are bound to the waking Dream of Creation. Nature is your realm, and all things have caught glimpses of the Emerald Dream when they sleep. You see them all, Ysera. And they see you, though they may not know it. Like the Life-Binder, you touch all living beings, and sing to them the songs of creation and interconnectedness.
— Blessing of the Green Aspect given by Eonar
This is my gift: compassion for all living things. A drive to protect and nurture them. And the ability to heal that which others cannot, birth what others may not, and love even the unlovable--who surely need such grace more than any other souls.
— Blessing of the Red Aspect given by Eonar


Eonar is the titan quasi-deity of life. She is the consort of Aman'Thul and is the antithesis of undeath, often striking it down wherever it is seen. She was among those slain by Sargeras in his wrath against the Pantheon. It is theorized that she is the same entity as described by the Taurens when referring to the Earth Mother.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Probably 4-A

Name: Eonar, The Lifebinder, Patroness of Life, Queen of the Titans

Origin: Warcraft

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, but much older than most beings in the universe

Classification: Titan Queen

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Plant Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Resurrection, Magic, Healing, Regeneration (At least Low-Mid), Flight, Elemental Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Creation, Destruction, Absorption

Attack Potency: Probably Multi-Solar System level (While she is a powerful titan, she is inferior in strength to Aman'Thul)

Speed: MFTL+ (As with all titans, she has crossed the universe, searching for other colossal titans hiding at the core of various planets)

Lifting Strength: Probably Class Y (Once again and similar to all titans of the Pantheon, she is the size of a planet, as all titans are born within the planets themselves, dormant)

Striking Strength: Probably Class XGJ (By right of sheer size, she is similar to her husband in this respect)

Durability: Probably Multi-Solar System level, possibly Multi-Large Solar System level (Potentially equal to her husband, although it is likely that she is lesser in this physical aspect as well)

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Planetary with physical strikes

Standard Equipment: Alabaster Staff

Intelligence: Probably Super Genius, while she has lived for eons and explored the vastness of space, she is inferior to her husband, who has viewed most of time itself

Weaknesses: Special hatred towards undeath


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