The power to manipulate the fear of the target. Users are capable of intimidation, causing effects such as dementia or insanity, or simply impose the emotion of fear upon those affected. For several beings this could lead to effects such as Mind Control or Regeneration.

Possible Uses

Teleportation- User is capable of appearing in areas with fear or in the minds of those afraid of it.

Enhanced Senses- User can literally smell (or sense in some other way) the essence of fear, using it as a kind of tracking device on the target.

Regeneration- User feeds and heals off of using fear.

Mind Control/Mind Manipulation- User can control an entity with a mind weakened by fear/User can manipulate the fear inside of the target's head

Illusion Creation- User can cause targets begin to see things or hear things that do not actually exist

Reality Warping- User can bend reality using the fear of an opponent, such as Pennywise, who draws from fear to decide his forms

Telepathy- User can speak with those who fear it or have any sort of major fears altogether

Probability Manipulation- User can cause the target to run into that which it fears


  • All of these instances require fear to exist or, alternatively, require the user to be able to create fear through some means
  • Other Mind Manipulation users can potentially easily overcome this, erasing fear and doubt from an entity's mind, making the Fear Manipulation worthless


Archimonde (Warcraft)

Slenderman (Creepypasta)

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