I suspect thou hast taken a gander at it, but the Dark of the Abyss, which swallowed poor Artorias, threatens to devour our entire land of Oolacile. It seems that this dire fate is unavoidable. But, seduced by a Dark serpent or no, they awoke that thing themselves, and drove it mad... One's demise is always one's own making.
— Hawkeye Gough


Hawkeye Gough is a giant and a powerful knight of Gwyn, and as of the Age of the Gods one of only two giants in the world to surpass their racial stereotype of stupidity (the other being the Giant Blacksmith).

Gough is a gifted archer who believes himself blind due to the fact that people lined his helmet with tree resin after dismissing the idea that a giant could possibly be a knight of Gwyn.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C

Name: Hawkeye Gough, Dragonslayer

Origin: Dark Souls

Gender: Male

Age: Thousands of years old

Classification: Giant Archer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Bow Mastery, Sees via sound, which is viable for up to hundreds of meters away, Minor Sound and Light Manipulation (Capable of crafting Prism Stones and Hello/I'm Sorry carvings)

Attack Potency: At least Island level (Powerful Knight of Gwyn, shown to be able to shoot down an Everlasting Dragon without the use of their weakness, lightning arrows; specifically, this was the infamous Black Dragon Kalameet)

Speed: Probably Massively Hypersonic (Even without sight he is able to react to the Black Dragon Kalameet flying past and shoot it down)

Lifting Strength: Probably Class K (Comparable to if not superior to Executioner Smough)

Striking Strength: Class ZJ

Durability: Probably Island level (Capable of withstanding attacks from The Chosen Undead)

Stamina: Unknown, but presumably high if only compared to similar Knights of Gwyn

Range: Hundreds, potentially thousands of meters with his Greatbow

Standard Equipment: Gough's Armor, Gough's Greatbow (along with his custom arrows)

Intelligence: At least Gifted, speaks in eloquent tongue and understands the brevity of the situation and even predicts the Chosen Undead's actions

Weaknesses: He is psychologically undone and is mentally shaky, as he believes himself blind even though he is not


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