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The ability to manipulate information. Allows to control information a greater or lesser degree. Since information is present almost universally, information manipulation gives a character useful skills. Extreme level of manipulation of information is almost indistinguishable from reality warping.


  • Manipulation of regular information - Manipulation of information as we know it, i.e. various forms of records (books, CDs, brains). It also includes some technological manipulation, as well as the specific magic.
  • Manipulation of information in its purest form - Includes existential information, the manipulation of information objects, the creation and destruction of information, unlimited (self) duplication, obtaining any information from the environment.
  • Manipulation of reality through information manipulations - Since both space and time, even the particles that make up the very fabric of the universe, are a type of information, they might be manipulated by changing information. You can also manipulate physical laws, because they are, in fact, are also information.
  • Conceptual manipulation - At this level, even the concept of manipulation of information represents arrays of data that one can easily create, modify, or completely destroy. In the most advanced cases, characters are even are capable of absorbing other people's concepts, transforming them and making it a part of themselves (thereby increasing their computing power). Such absorption has in fact no limit, and can be used to increase your power almost indefinitely.



This ability is about "hacking" the programming language of reality, not about simply absorbing, sharing, and manipulating knowledge.

See also Conceptual Manipulation.

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