The user is immune to virtually all forms of physical attacks, is incapable of feeling pain and is unable to lose limbs from external means.

Note that invulnerability can only be proven in the realms of the power which the character actually was attacked with. Invulnerability does not change the durability statistic beyond what is demonstrated and more powerful attacks than demonstrated might harm the characters like usual.


Absolute Invulnerability: To be immune to any kind of damage whatsoever.

Bulletproof Durability: A form of invulnerability that only applies to gunfire.

Conditional Invulnerability: To be invulnerable under certain conditions.

Cutting Immunity: To be immune to cutting damage.

Elasticity: The body of the users absorb the kinetic energy of the attacks.

Immutability: This is the ability to be impervious to all forms of external physical change.

Impact Absorption: The ability to absorb mechanical and physical impacts.

Intangibility: By becoming intangible, users allow all offensive attacks to phase through.

Nigh Invulnerability: To be immune to almost all kind of damage.

Reactive Invulnerability: This is a form of Invulnerability that only works if the user is in danger.

Reliant Invulnerability: To be indestructible as long as a certain target exists.

Selective Invulnerability: This is a form of invulnerability that only works on a certain attack, similar to Evolution.

Temporary Invincibility: A form of invulnerability that only works for a limited period of time.


Kryptonians (DC Comics)

Darkseid (DC Comics)

Certain Ghost and Steel Type Pokemon

The Hulk (Marvel Comics)

Chaos Emerald Users (Sonic The Hedgehog)

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