Jodie Holmes
Tell them to leave me the fuck alone, because next time, I'll kill everyone.
— Jodie


Jodie Holmes is the primary playable character, and the protagonist of "Beyond: Two Souls". The narrative of "Beyond: Two Souls" follows Jodie through 15 (ages 8 - 23) years of her life. As the player experiences the game, they will receive more information about the afterlife, and discover the true meaning of the entity Aiden, the ghostly presence tethered to Jodie

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C as a kid, 10-A as an adult, up to 9-C with weapons, Aiden is 9-B

Name: Jodie Holmes, She is linked to an entity called Aiden

Origin: Beyond: Two Souls

Gender: Jodie is female, Aiden is male

Age: Goes from 8 to 23 during the game

Classification: Human, CIA operative

Powers and Abilities: She's a trained CIA agent and very good fighter, Possibly Resurection. Aiden has Telekinesis, Can posses people with weaker minds (They go back to normal after being touched by someone else), Forcefield Generation, Healing, Can suffocate people, is Invisible and Non-Corporeal

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level as a kid, Athlete level as an adult (Defeated multiple policemen at once), up to Street level with weapons (Uses typical real world guns), Aiden is Wall level via calculation

Speed: Below Average Human Level as a kid, Athletic Human as an adult (Defeated multiple policemen at once)

Lifting Strength: Likely Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Likely Class H, Class KJ with Aiden

Durability: Below Average Human level as a kid, Street level as an adult (via calculation), Higher with forcefields (Aiden's forcefields were able to survive falling from an helicopter), Aiden is non-corporeal

Stamina: High (Can fight multiple enemies at once)

Range: Melee, Higher with weapons, Unknown with Aiden

Standard Equipment: May carry firearms or a Portable Containment Field Belt that protects her against entities

Intelligence: Above Average (Was trained by CIA, Seems to be good at math)

Weaknesses: Human weaknesses. She can't control Aiden, he has his own free will and will sometimes disagree with her and keep doing things after she tells him to stop. Aiden and Jodie are linked, they can't get too far away from each other. If a Aiden is touched by someone else while possessing someone, the person he is possessing will regain control over the body. When somebody kills a person possessed by Aiden, Jodie can feel it.


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