Killing Floor
Noone crap yourselves. I hate the smell.
Mr. Foster, Killing Floor 2


Killing Floor is a series of game titles currently containing two IPs based around co-op zombie survival. Story wise, the game is focused on a European outbreak of zombies that escaped in Britain from a Horzine lab. These zombies were initially let out by a group of muckraking journalists (all deceased minutes later).

The players in game are mercenaries hired by the company to right this wrong, primarily by going to hotspots of "zed" activity and slaughtering any horde they come across. In the first game, Britain is entirely overrun by zombies, and falls to them entirely by the second title, Killing Floor 2, wherein much of Europe faces the same fate (notably France, where Paris has fallen to the scourge).

Power of the Verse

Killing Floor is a relatively mild verse, containing only Tier 9 to potential low Tier 8 characters. Most enemies of the verse are considered "cannon fodder" for the Horzine mercenaries that the player takes control of.

Regular powers of the verse are weaponry mastery, invisibility, poison manipulation, explosion manipulation, and even one instance of portal creation and dimensional travel, oddly enough.

Supporters and Opponents





Horzine Mercenaries







It should be noted that for sake of convenience, certain characters of this verse have been assigned to classes based on dialogue in game. These classes are in fact accessible to all characters in game, but as that does not make sense in context to this wiki, it has been modified based on the dialogue of characters with their "favorite weapons".

Basically, this means certain characters have unique dialogue when holding specified weapons. Based on these dialogue lines and their quantity, they have been assigned to a class and given that classes abilities.

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