He’s a clown. He has long hair and a big swirly cone nose. He’s got long arms and baggy pants, with stripy socks, and he always smiles.
— Child Describing Laughing Jack


Laughing Jack is an extremely odd sociopathic entity that acts as an imaginary friend to young children, torturing their families and getting the children over to their side. He poses as a clown and offers things like candy to gain the trust of the children.

Powers and Stats

Tier: at least 9-C, possibly higher

Name: Laughing Jack

Origin: Creepypasta

Gender: Male

Age: Between 100 and 200 years old (was created in 1800s)

Classification: Nightmarish Clown

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Dream Manipulation, Elasticity, Stealth (Able to remain living in a house for extended periods of time without adults noticing him), Immortality (Type 1), Self Sustenance (Type 2), Animal Manipulation (Can cause cockroaches to come crawling out of his throat and make them enter the chest cavities of his victims), Magic (Able to conjure up things which he than pulls out of his sleeves, such as Adrenalin needles and candy), minor Telekinesis (Locked a closed door across the room), Life Manipulation (Brought Tin Soldiers to life), Transformation (Can turn into a giant dark cloud that turns him somewhat Intangible), Teleportation/Invisibility (Constantly disappears and reappears in both of his stories. For example, disappeared when James tried to show him to his mother, and reappeared once she left), Natural Weaponry with his claws and teeth

Attack Potency: at least Street level (Ripped a man's insides open, nailed a child to the wall and kept him alive to be tortured, accidentally crushed a cat to death with his grip), possibly higher

Speed: at least Athletic (Can attack humans without being able to react, dodge an attack from the mother of James)

Lifting Strength: at least Athletic Human (Able to quickly drag a fully grown man across the room with ease)

Striking Strength: at least Class KG

Durability: Unknown (Has never been harmed), likely Street level (Should be comparable to his attack potency)

Stamina: Infinite, he states that he cannot get tired and he does not need to eat or drink

Range: Unknown, at least several meters (Managed to stretch his arms across a room)

Standard Equipment: Whatever he wants (can conjure weapons at will)

Intelligence: High (Is skilled in human anatomy, able to perform live autopsies on humans and remove several organs while still keeping them alive, a skilled killer, tricked James' mother into killing James herself)

Weaknesses: Could originally be trapped within the magic Jack in a box he came out of (it was made well over a hundred years ago and was last seen being thrown in a garbage can, meaning it's likely no longer around). Nothing notable now


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