Mira... ese mandhiputus vengutsus nos mira feo, wa a morir tete
You should've been a kind-hearted person...
— Lasts words of the history


Mandú is the spirit of the people you once hurt, he's the judge that seeks revenge. Mandú is that fear that you try to avoid, what you do not want to see, what you do not want to feel, Mandú is the fire that you try to avoid from hell and the knife from which you avoid being a victim. The spirit that will make justice from your actions, that will pay for your malice that you caused in others.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Mandú

Origin: Creepypasta

Gender: Likely Male

Age: Unkown

Classification: Spirit of Vengeance, Judge of Mankind, That One who Chases You in your Nightmares

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invisibility and Shadow Manipulation, Stealth Mastery, Dream Manipulation (Is able to create nightmares and chase someone inside there), Illusion Creation (Can make your worst fears come true and can relive your traumas), Mind Manipulation (Can make someone commit suicide), Fate Manipulation (He's the mastermind of the accidents), Death Manipulation, Non-Corporeal (He's the spirit of vengeance), Immortality (Type 8, he lives by the vengeance of those you hurt), Clairvoyance, Passive Fear Manipulation

Attack Potency: Street level (Able to tear your hands apart so you do not hit anyone, cut you tongue so you do not hurt anyone else with your words, and take your eyes so you do not see illicit things), can bypass durability with his powers.

Speed: Unknown.

Lifting Strength: Unknown.

Striking Strength: Class KJ.

Durability: Unknown Being Immortal Non-Corporeal makes him difficult to defeat.

Stamina: Limitless.

Range: Melee.

Standard Equipment: None notable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Dark Retribution: He's able to know the evil things that you made to someone, and when he knew that can return your actions to cause your death and fulfill his revenge.

IntelligenceLikely High.

Weaknesses: None notable.


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