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Matter Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the particles that make up matter and the bonds between them.

Molecular Level

Those who can manipulate matter on the molecular level can manipulate the way molecules are bonded and constructed to achieve a variety of effects, such as changing the nature of materials (i.e. the way carbon chains are bonded to turn one hydrocarbon into another) or simply their opponents apart by severing the bonds between the molecular chains that make up their bodies. As a result, Matter Manipulators are usually able to bypass conventional durability due to their ability to affect their targets at this level. However, they wouldn't be able to change existing elements as such an ability is tied to the nature of atoms rather than molecules.


Atomic Level

Those who can manipulate matter on the atomic level are even more powerful due to their ability to manipulate individual atoms, giving them even greater freedom over how they are able to manipulate and control matter. At this level, Matter Manipulators are able to change the nature of atoms and their properties, allowing them to transmute one thing into another, destroy atoms to obliterate a target, completely rearrange atomic structures to create virtually anything, among other things.


Subatomic Level

Those who are able to manipulate matter at the subatomic level are able to manipulate the fundamental particles that make up atoms, giving them even more freedom and control over matter.


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