Mind manipulation is an informal term for a psychic attack, or another type of attack that affects the mind. Such attacks often are used to destroy, shut down, control, or deceive an enemy. Characters with psychic defenses can usually resist mind manipulation attacks, but otherwise, they are incredibly broken.


1. Mental Attacks

Users are able to telepathically assault the mind of their enemy, either causing intense pain or total mental destruction. This can sometimes reduce the intelligence of the target.

(Users: Mind Flayers, Alakazam)

2. Mental Shutdown

Users are able to automatically turn off the mind of the opponent.

(Users: Mothman, Kilgrave (MCU)

3. Mental Illusions

Users are able to create illusions only perceivable by the target- sometimes, with more powerful renditions, the target is even able to feel it. These illusions can affect dreams.

(Users: Shuuya Kano, Adventurers of D&D)

4. Memory Alteration

Users are able to alter the memories of the target to such a degree that they wholly believe inserted memories, or simply don't remember anything.

(Users: The Operator, Monika)

5. Mind Control

Users are able to control the actions of the target.

(Users: Professor X, Ego)

6. Madness Inducement

Users can drive the target insane. Certain users do this passively.

(Users: Most Bloodborne characters, Most Cthulhu Mythos characters)


Some types of mind manipulation attacks that don't work on conventional telepathic principles, such as The Culture's effectors and Rohan Kishibe's Heaven's Door, and thus cannot be resisted by normal psychic defenses. These are considered even more broken than the normal type.

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