Monster Hunter is a franchise owned by Capcom and has been, to date, their most successful series of all time, with Monster Hunter: World being their most successful title ever made, grossing six million sales in the first week.

In short, the series is based around the idea of hunting giant beasts with your friends. In previous titles (before World) there was relatively no storyline. However, in the newest title, the verse received much background and advancements. In short, the verse centers around the study of nature, including the beasts that inhabit it- be they alive or dead.

Powers of the Verse

The verse features a primarily Tier 8 to Tier 7 character base, largely consisting of larger Wyverns and some Elder Dragons. That said, there are examples of a small amount of Tier 6 to Tier 5 beings, including Fatalis, the most powerful Elder Dragon in existence.

Speed wise, the verse is superhuman at best- Hunters move at up to 30 mph while many beasts reach Subsonic speeds. Almost all monsters of the verse can emit sounds that deafen nearby opponents and can regenerate via healing through some method.

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