Calacas shidas


The ability to alter dead beings, controlling either their bodies or their spirits.

Typically, necromancy is related to the ability to bring beings back to life or into a state of undeath, such as is the case with zombies, vampires, etc. It is considered a far more malevolent form of Magic but is not always related. While these abilities are not always considered Necromancy, it will almost always be considered some form of Necromancy.

Possible Uses

Resurrection: Necromancers can use their ability to bring fallen entities back to life through unknown means.

Immortality: Capable of converting others and themselves into a state of undeath, thus making them immortal to some degree.

Healing/Regeneration: Certain users are capable of absorbing or otherwise containing the energy of life within themselves in order to heal themselves to varying degrees.

Energy Manipulation: Similar to the above, certain users can use life or death energies to form attacks or other abilities.

Soul Manipulation: Users typically can bypass traditional durability by attacking the souls of their enemies, making almost anyone they face vulnerable.


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