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Phoenix Wright is a veteran defense attorney who heads the Wright Anything Agency. Mostly specializing in criminal trials, Wright is renowned for his ability to turn seemingly hopeless cases around. Beginning his career under Mia Fey in 2016, he was disbarred in 2019 after unknowingly presenting forged evidence.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B  | At least 9-C

Name: Phoenix Wright/成歩堂龍一 (Ryuuichi Naruhodou)   

Origin: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Gender: Male

Age: 24 -35 Years Old

Classification: Human, Lawyer.

Powers and Abilities: Skilled Lawyer, superhuman durability, Mind Manipulation with Maya´s Magatama. | Weapon Mastery , Hacking , Poison Manipulation , Data Manipulation

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Managed to break the Kurain Channeling Room´s Reinforced Door ) | At least Street Level (Guns and knives are consistently on this level)

Speed: Regular Human | Superhuman Travel Speed with Scooter, Transonic Attack Speed with Handguns.

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (Survived being tazed to unconsciousness, clobbered over the head with a fire extinguisher, charged by a tiger, falling from a great height from a burning bridge into a freezing, raging river, being hit by a car, flying in mid air and crashing into a street sign.)

Stamina: Peak Human (Can debate with prosecutors for various days in a row.)

Range: Standard melee range | Unknown with MC Bomber

Standard Equipment: Attorney´s Badge, Maya´s Magatama | See "Notable Attacks/Techniques"

Intelligence: Extremely high (Always suceeds in turning hopeless murder cases around and solving the mystery behind them)

Weaknesses: He doesn´t has any combat training nor experience

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Thinker - Clock in the form of a statue. The clock's gears have been removed. Made by Larry Butz. Strong enough to cause fatal head trauma.
  • Samurai Spear - The murder weapon. A break in the shaft has been mended with duct tape.
  • Pistol - The murder weapon. 22-caliber. Fired 3 times. Bears prints from Edgeworth's right hand.
  • Edgeworth´s Knife - The murder weapon, found in Edgeworth's toolbox
  • Victim´s Staff - Has a sword hidden inside. The actual weapon used to murder the victim.
  • Dahlia´s Present - Dahlia's present was a necklace that contained a small bottle in it, and was given by Dahlia Hawthorne to Phoenix Wright during their time at Ivy University, Contains Poison.
  • Luminol Testing Fluid - Solution used for scientific investigation. Finds bloods traces.
  • MC Bomber - MC Bomber is a computer virus created by Glen Elg for the sole purpose of paying off his debt to Furio Tigre.

Key: Base | With Evidence

Note - Phoenix has not used Evidence to fight in character


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