There is a tradition, right across the Multiverse, of macho law-enforcers toting ridiculously heavy sidearms, which surely represent overkill for normal policing duties. Dirty Harry had his .44 Magnum; Detritus carries a siege weapon weighing two thousand pounds. As Detritus considers this a waste of energy if all the energy devoted to drawing back and cocking the string is only expended on a single arrow (which from a human point of view is a six-foot lance), he has adapted it still further, so that it fires a bundle of twenty or so arrows wired together around a central core. Due to the violent force acting on them, the arrows tend to disintegrate into a cloud of supersonic (a significant fraction of local light speed) shrapnel which bursts into flame from air friction. The resulting fireball scythes everything in its path totally clean. Hence the name. It not only opens front doors, but frequently creates a back door as well.
— Terry Pratchett


The Piecemaker is a powerful siege crossbow edited into the most awesome sidearm ever used in law enforcement by none other than Sergeant Detritus the Troll himself (granted, Mister Vimes has explicitly forbidden its use in most cases).

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C

Name: The Piecemaker

Origin: Discworld

Classification: Modified Siege Weapon

Prerequisites: Capability of lifting a car and using enough energy to pull back the draw (estimated 20,000 lb draw if compared to a typical 20 lb crossbow)

Attack Potency: At least Building level (Said to be able to shoot through a large building's front door and exit through the back door or, if there is no back door, it'll make one)

Speed: Supersonic

Wielders: Detritus

Range: 460m if compared to similar weapons (ballistae)

Note: This weapon is similar to a shotgun, as it fires over a wide range via using twenty 6-foot lances as arrows all at once

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