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Atlantis will be avenged!
— Poseidon, to Kratos


Poseidon is the Olympian god of the seas, earthquakes, horses and is the King of Atlantis. One of Zeus' two brothers, he participated in the Titanomachy and later the Second Titanomachy when Kratos sought to overthrow the gods of Olympus. Though he fought hard against the titans and his nephew, he was ultimately killed by Kratos.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-C, likely Low 5-B

Name: Poseidon, King of the Seas, Earth-Shaker, Father of Horses, Ruler of Atlantis

Origin: God of War

Gender: Male

Age: Several thousand years at least.

Classification: Olympian God, God of the Seas and Earthquakes, King of Atlantis

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Weather Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1, 3 & 4), Power Bestowal, Shapeshifting, Regeneration (At least Low-Mid), Teleportation, Astral Projection, Statistics Amplification when in or near water, Hippocampi Control

Attack Potency: At least Moon level, likely Small Planet level (Comparable to his brother Zeus and managed to heavily damage Kratos, his death flooded all of Greece)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Could keep pace with Kratos)

Lifting Strength: Class E

Striking Strength: Class XJ (On par with Kratos)

Durability: At least Moon level, likely Small Planet level (Was severely beaten in his fight with Kratos)

Stamina: Godly (Fought Gaia and Kratos together with several other titans without tiring)

Range: Standard melee range, several hundred meters to several kilometers with ranged attacks.

Standard Equipment: His trident.

Intelligence: High, though was affected by the evil of Anger after Kratos opened Pandora's Box, becoming easily enraged and irrational.

Weaknesses: Weapons of divine origin such as the Blade of Olympus can cause him harm or even kill him. Other gods or titans could possibly kill him as well. Being away from water can weaken his abilities.


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