Have I helped a little for the peace of this world...?
— Raven Cronwell

Watch and learn!
— Sword Taker

Master2HQ (1)
Weaklings.. you're too slow!
— Blade Master

Hmph, Don't waste my time.
— Over Taker

Enough already, disappear!
— Reckless Fist

I will remain the Raven that I was to begin with.

As long as I am alive, the Crow Mercenaries will never die out; I am back and I will show you the Crow Mercenaries restored to its former glory.

For them... I will once again don the uniform of the Crow Mercenaries...
— Weapon Taker

Launch the operation now.
— Veteran Commander


Raven Cronwell is a playable character, and as well as a boss that appears in Altera. He is the captain of the Crow Mercenaries as he was caught given a Nasod Arm. He then made his escape, and soon encountering Elsword, Aisha and Rena and finally losing to them as he finally got back to his senses and joined Elsword.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Raven Cronwell

Origin: Elsword

Gender: Male

Age: 24, 26 (1st class promotion), 27 (2nd class promotion)

Classification: Human, Mercenary, Taker

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Explosion Manipulation, Afterimage, Intangibility with Shadow Step, Statistics Amplification, Energy Manipulation, Weapon Mastery, Fire Manipulation, has access to numerous of Nasod weaponry that can cause nuclear explosions, Berserk Mode, Status Effect Inducement

Attack Potency: Large Building Level (Has fought Elsword and the others and has most likely fought on par with him, comparable to Elsword), possibly Higher

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Can dodge lasers and missiles), Possibly Massively Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Durability: Large Building Level (Took several hits from Elsword), Possibly Higher

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Short, higher with Nasod Arm

Standard Equipment: Blade, Nasod Arm, Nasod Spikes, Weaponized Nasod Arm

Intelligence: Gifted

Weaknesses: His Nasod Arm as Reckless Fist seemingly harms him, over-reliant on Nasod Arm at times. (However this does not apply to Blade Master)

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