The SCP Foundation is a fictional investigative agency that manages anomalous objects and entities to protect the safety of mankind and, on a larger scope, the universe. It was created initially by the creation of SCP-173. Its motto, "Secure, Contain, Protect" depicts its procedure when dealing with the SCP objects. The objects contained by this organization are considered to be the most dangerous things in the world.

Power of the Verse

While the repertoire of characters for the verse grows constantly, it is impossible to say that the levels of strength in the verse won't grow. That said, there are many low-level and high-level characters, including, notably, Wall-to-Building level characters such as SCP-106 and SCP-096, as well as many high-end characters who can reach Tier 4 of strength (namely SCP-682). The peak of the verse, currently, is a few Tier 1 beings noted to be beyond godly levels of power. These beings are rarely "contained" at all, save for SCP-343 and his apprentice of sorts, SCP-239, both of which could easily escape or tamper with confinement (the latter of the two already has).

Supporters and Opponents



Mr. Bambu (It's like actually intelligent web creations- a very odd thing indeed)




Gewsbumpz dude




Darkmon cns (I Like most of the characters but I just find some of these images really creepy.)


Note 1: When creating an SCP Page, place the character in the area that best describes their maximum potential destruction.

Note 2: In the case of XK-Class "End Of The World" Scenarios, place the characters in the High Tier unless the page explicitly states that the planet itself will be destroyed.

High Godly Tier:

(Anything Tier 2 and Above: Total Universal Destruction)

Godly Tier:

(Anything Tier 5 and Above: Celestial Body Destruction)

  • SCP-2317 (Devourer of Worlds)
  • SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal:The Gate Guardian)

High Tier:

(Anything Tier 7 and Above: Mass Life Destruction)

Mid Tier:

(Anything Tier 9 and Above: Man-Made Construct Destruction)

Low Tier:

(Anything Tier 10 or Below: Human Levels of Destruction)

Unknown Tier:

(Anything with an unknown tier as its primary tier)

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