All rules mentioned within this disclaimer apply to each and every member of the wiki; none are exempt.

  • Each member of the wiki is responsible for their own content, meaning this; no member of the wiki may be blamed or credited with the creation of content on this wiki.
  • The same rule as described above applies to discussions posts, blogs, etc. Blame founded in such content should be directed explicitly towards the creators of aforementioned content.
  • The site promises to work towards negating any negative content, activity, conduct, etc, but if it fails to do so claims no responsibility for the actions of the individual who partook in such actions. This extends to actions such as "Flame Wars", trolling, et cetera.
  • Finally, the wiki is not responsible for any misconduct or breach of rules performed by any member, and should remain outside of terms of legality in such events. We claim no responsibility whatsoever in such events.
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