From now on, there will be no more darkness... prepare to be purified.
— The Batter


The Batter is a quasi-silent and powerful character controlled by the "Player" (AKA The Puppeteer). His overall mission is the ultimate "purification" (lit. erasure of everything inside) of the zones. He rarely speaks in long sentences and acts more like a tool than a human (in fact, he is not a human, although what he is, really, is unknown).

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-C | At least 4-B, likely 4-A, possibly higher

Name: The Batter, Le Batteur

Origin: OFF

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Purifier

Powers and Abilities: Major Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, and Time Manipulation, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stealth Expert (Capable of making no sound as he moves), Healing via Items, Immortality (Type 1), Magic, Resurrection, Elemental Manipulation (Meat, Smoke, Plastic, and Metal), Light Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Can Attack Abstracts, Summoning, Durability Negation with Existence Deletion, Reality Warping, Illusion Creation (His visual form is dependent upon how the watcher see's him, quite literally taking form of the Mind's Eye; his transformation into the Bad Batter was based on the Puppeteer viewing the Batter as a monster), Flight, 4th Wall Awareness, Can survive in Nothingness/Vacuum, Enhanced Senses, Destruction

Attack Potency: At least Star level (Capable of defeating foes like Dedan, Enoch, and Japhet, who can create a zone) | At least Solar System level, likely Multi-Solar System level (Capable of defeating The Queen, who can create multiple sub-dimensions similar to the zones)

Speed: Probably Supersonic+ (Ran up a super-sized industrial chimney fast enough to reach the clouds) with Speed of Light reaction time (Manages navigating the Nothingness, a place where everything moves at the Speed of Light) | MFTL (Got to the Sun at 361.6 times the speed of light)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 50 (Pushes object that should be about this weight casually) | At least Class K+ (Should be equivalent in strength to Enoch, who can lift this by right of sheer size)

Striking Strength: Class XGJ+ | Class XPJ

Durability: Probably Large Star level (Can take multiple hits from the Zone Guardians) | Probably Multi-Solar System level (Capable of taking hits from The Queen and The Judge casually)

Stamina: Superhuman (Capable of fighting through massive injury, mental trauma, and without rest) | Unchanged | Unknown

Range: Extended melee with various bats, up to planetary with reality warping

Standard Equipment: Various "Bats" (notably the Ashley Bat, which is the most powerful bat in the game), Add-Ons (Summonable allies represented as rings, Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon; all are nearly as powerful as him), Various pieces of Flesh (Top tier is Gold; restores magic power), various Tunics (Top Tier is Neil Tunic, which increases evasion), Tickets (Top Tier is Fortune Ticket, which restores considerable amounts of health), Joker Card (Revives himself or one of the Add-Ons), Belial's Meat (Removes all ill effects like poison and bleeding), Abbadons Meat (Fully restores all CP and HP outside of combat for the whole team), Eye (Used to fully analyze an enemy), "Symbols" that raise Attack Power, "Auras" that raise Defensive Power, "Colours" that act as secondary armor, various "Days" granting such advantages as: Resist Poison, No Terrain Damage, Avoiding Critical Hits, etc

Intelligence: At least Gifted overall, capable of easily outsmarting large groups of people and figuring out complex puzzles insanely easily, if not instantly (although often lets the player figure them out anyways), easily outsmarts entities like Enoch

Weaknesses: None hugely notable, although his CP (essentially his magic points) can run low in extreme cases if he is uncareful, extremely prideful

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

All of the Batter's (as well as those of his Add-Ons) attacks (AKA Competences) can be found here. Enjoy~

Key: Early Game | End-Game


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