Zombies are a prime example of Turning.


The ability to convert a lifeform into another type of lifeform, typically the user's own lifeform.

This ability generally depicts when mythical creatures convert a human into one of their own via injecting their own biological DNA somehow.


  • Zombieism- The ability of the subset of zombies to infect victims via a bite. Typically the victims die within a few hours and slowly become another zombie.
  • Vampirism- The ability of vampires to suck life force from victims. This ultimately, unless otherwise stated, will turn the victim into another vampire.
  • Were-Creatureism- The ability of certain shapeshifters to convert other beings into their class of shapeshifter. This includes Werewolves, Werebears, Wererats, etc

NOTE: There are many types of Turning unlisted here. If you think of a type that is common enough to be listed here, feel free to send a message to an admin.


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