The road to hell is paved in Argent Energy.


The UAC, or the Union Aerospace Corporation, is a dominating force and business specializing in the harvesting of an extremely potent energy source- Argent Energy. By the events of DOOM 2016, the UAC has halted all actions to hide its usage of hellish creatures and Satanic rituals as a business model. The UAC has operated for many, many, many years within Hell, slowly developing varying technologies, ranging from genomic engineering to unlock superhuman abilities within humans to raw energy cores more potent than nuclear bombs.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | 8-C | 7-C

Civilization Type: Stellar Civilization (Has completely colonized Earth and moved on to work on Mars and possibly other planets)

Name: Union Aerospace Corporation

Origin: DOOM

Classification: Trade Operation

Age: At least several thousand years old (legends speak of the original Doom Marine, who also interacted with the UAC)

Population: Unknown, if counting that of the entire society, then likely several billion (or tens of billions)

Territory: Earth, Mars

Technology/Abilities: Maintains most Earth Weapons but to a much more powerful degree, including rocket launchers and the like, Maintains plasma, energy, and electric firearms, Can use instant hologram items to mimic the user, Teleportation technology is abundant, Can create grenades that slowly drain health from opponents, Maintains advanced body armor, Can create shield walls, Maintains a limited supply of technology that can slow down time, Camouflage causes users to be invisible, Limited Gravity Manipulation via Grabber, Radar and HUD grant massive advantages with senses, Users of the Jump Boots can double jump, Maintains technology to open portals to Hell, Many members can summon demons

Attack Potency: Wall level (Even basic technologies can one-shot lesser demons and do comparable damage to Doomguy's physical strikes, which can liquefy skulls of enemies) | Building level (Explosive and lesser experimental weapons can destroy demons of this level relatively easily, plasma rifles can liquefy demons) | Town level (The BFG can vaporize foes within 15 meters)

Speed: Supersonic | Hypersonic | Subsonic+

Power Source: Argent Energy, Lazarus Energy (both of which are far more potent than nuclear energy sources)

Industrial Capacity: Extremely high, maintains vast factories for arms production and research facilities to advance said weapons

Military Prowess: High, maintains thousands of soldiers per facility and many facilities across their reaches (so, their soldiers probably rank in the millions)

Notable Individuals:

  • Samuel Hayden: Discover of Argent Energy and cyborg leader of the UAC
  • Olivia Pierce: Leader of Satanic Cults within the UAC and demonic experimentation

Weaknesses: Lazarus energy can convert humans into demonic entities if left unrestrained, and both energy types are relatively unstable in large quantities.


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