Redoing this because it has a few things wrong with it.


First off, the starting position. It seems more fair to assume a height of 1000 meters. Using this gets us 112.9 km horizon distance

Moving on. Clouds are 9144 meters tall average. Volume of a cylinder with a 112900 m radius and a 9144 m height nets us 3.66e14 m^3. Density of a cloud is 0.0005 kg/m^3, netting us a weight of 1.83e11 kg. Moving on. 

This calc says the storm started at 0:03 and was finished being created at 0:09 and goes on to say this is 5 seconds. This is 6 seconds. Moving on again.

The storm would have traveled its radius in a big circle, so we can use the distance of the radius as our distance traveled in that time, netting us 18816.67 m/s (Mach 54.86, High Hypersonic+). We can get KE now of the storm's diffusal. 

KE = 0.5m * v^2 = 3.240 x 10^19 Joules, Island level. However, as this is a low-end, we can do a high-end at 2000 meters. 

New radius is 159.7 km, making new volume 7.33e14 m^3. New mass is 3.665e11 kg. New speed is 26616.67 m/s (Mach 77.70, High Hypersonic+). New KE is 1.298 x 10^20 Joules, Island level. There.


Al'Akir Creates a Storm (Low-End): 7.74 Gigatons, Island level

Al'Akir Creates a Storm (High-End): 31.02 Gigatons, Island level

Much more consistent. No hard feelings to Myriad (the original calc'er), a lot of this wasn't even remotely his fault. Cheers bois. 

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