All users mentioned here are not only the elite of the wiki and those who run it, but they are the first and only people you should go to with problems. All of them should be qualified to either answer your questions or direct you to someone who can answer them fully.


Duties: Run the wiki as a whole, ensure its continued smooth running

Color Code: Crimson (D1081C)


Duties: Watch over all moderator duties and assist the Bureaucrats in their duties of making sure the wiki runs entirely smoothly by handling bans and appeals and similar issues

Color Code: Purple (ee9bff)

Content Moderators

Duties: Moderate pages, fix up errors be they grammatical, false information, missing categories, etc; Watch over content revision and similar duties

Color Code: Light Blue (00FFFF)

Discussion Moderators

Duties: Watch over all discussion boards to keep civility and correct information/representation in tact. Occasionally handle issues such as appeals and the like.

Color Code: Orange (FFA600)

Chat Moderators

Duties: Watch over chat and various messages to ensure civility and peace is kept between all members of the wiki

Color Code: Aqua (2CDE76)

Junior Moderator

Duties: Learn the ropes to becoming a moderator, follow basic orders from a pre-determined staff member (this will hopefully become a thing, should we become big enough)

Color Code: White (FFFFFF)

Calc Group

Duties: Look over and perform calculations for various feats in fiction, providing energy output values, speed, etc. Reference attack potency and such for all members.

Color Code: Yellow (FFFF00)