Destructor cosmico

His six mouths speak in different tongues. And the seventh shall sing the song that ends the Earth
— Zalgo Incanation
— Zalgo´s Calling


Zalgo (as he is most commonly referred to) is described as an entity of pure chaos. Very little is known about Zalgo and its desires, objectives, or even real form. Only one thing has been made brutally clear- it is he who will cause the eventual destruction of Earth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-C

Name: Zalgo, He Who Waits Behind The Wall, Nezperdian Hivemind

Origin: Creepypasta

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown, potentially as old as the universe

Classification: Embodiment of Chaos, The Horror Incarnate, Chaos God, Cosmic Destroyer, Eldritch Horror, Hivemind of Chaos

Powers and Abilities: PossessionMind ControlMind Manipulation (Can create confussion in the minds, also can turn someone erratic and evil and create gore remembers), TelepathyFire ManipulationDarkness Manipulation (Capable of obscuring the stage where he is, he also holds a candle whose light is shadow, so he might be able to generate darkness in the places he wants), Reality Warping and Chaos Manipulation (Zalgo's main ability is the power to distort the reality to generate disorder and chaos everywhere when he appears. Zalgo's warp is able to corrupt the fabric of reality, break it as a glass, appear thing out from nothing, make scream the reality, glitch and make unwhole everyone with his presence, destroy everything and generate disasters and problems, literally transmuting it, and corrupt everyone by using the chaos, leaving a place without order), Corruption (Zalgo can corrupt someone with the power of chaos. Also, this power is so useful, than Zalgo can corrupt the very fabric of reality with this), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Nigh-Omnipresence (Said to reside inside of all mankind), Enhanced SensesSummoning (Capable of calling upon his legions and a beast that devour the souls), Spatial Manipulation (Able to warp the space at will, like changing the gravity and the directions), Vocal AttacksFear Aura, Multilingualism, Soul Manipulation (Can possess, remove and devour the souls), Non-Corporeal (It is mentioned as an abstract being, a feeling or idea and not as a physical being as such), Mind Resistance, Shapeshifting, Regeneration (Mid-Godly, he is inseparable from reality, which means that it's needed to destroy it totally for finally erases Zalgo), Immortality (Type 1, 3, 8 and 9, is described as "The Chaotic Hivemind", they also say that "It cannot be stopped, just as fear cannot be stopped", so its existence is linked to the concept of chaos and fear, so if these concepts continue to exist in reality, it will always come back. And also he is inseparable to reality, as he exists beyond the veil, so his true self is in his own dimension of chaos), Transmutation (Transmuted Garfield in one comic to turn him into a shadowed creature), Blood Manipulation (When he appears the blood falls from the walls) Biological Manipulation (When he appears in our dimension, alters the bodies of close people, making them grow tentacles in the body, removing their eyes and causing them to bleed, make the bodies melt, etc), Matter Manipulation (Creates dark tentacles when it appears), Necromancy (Forged his legions from the tears of the dead without rest), Madness Manipulation (Type 3, his mere presence can lead someone into the vortex of madness), Dimensional Travel (Can travel between dimensions, as are hims and ours, also can manifest his powers from his own realm), Abstract Existence (Type 1, stated that Zalgo is the corruption, corruption of innocence, the chaotic hivemind, an abstract feeling that only exists as a notional entity or idea) likely Conceptual Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Controls his own realm at will), Large Size (Type 5), Size Manipulation, Soul Immunity (Due to being an abstract being that has no soul as well), possible Fear Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Star level (Holds a dead star in one hand, his voice alone is said to be capable of destroying the Earth), can bypass conventional durability with his powers.)

Speed: FTL+ (So big enough to hold a death star in his hand), Likely Nigh-Omnipresent (Implied to be within every living being as a sort of natural philosophy or ideology)

Lifting Strength: At least Stellar+ (Casually holds a star in one hand and a candle of similar size in the other)

Striking Strength: At least Class XGJ+ (Based on Lifting Strength)

Durability: At least Star level (Implied to have fought and defeated an entity similar to himself referred to as Am Dhaegar), being Immortal Non-Corporeal and Abstract makes him difficult to definitively kill.

Stamina: Infinite.

Range: Planetary (Capable of casually destroying Earth with his voice), 72,000,000 (72 million) miles physically (If comparable to a human being in body structure and the dead star is comparable to something like a baseball for him, then his arm scales to being 72 million miles long, assuming this is an average sized star), likely Multi-Universal (Can affect our dimension from his realm)

Standard Equipment: A candle whose light is shadow, A dead star, the legions he can summon in battle.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Song of the Soul: When the time is right, his seventh mouth shall sing the song that ends the Earth, destroying the planet and devouring the souls into it, bringing disasters in the process.
  • Chaos and Destruction: When he appears in our dimension, he can bring the chaos in his presence, warping the reality at will, and generating chaos and making unwhole everyone in his chaotic presence.
  • Requiem of Souls: The mere presence of Zalgo can mutate the bodies. When the eyes are gone, the soul is removed, and when he mutate someone, he let him without eyes. So his mere presence can mutate and remove the souls of everyone, and when the souls are outside the body he can devour it (also he can do this when the soul is in the body).
  • Mortal Summoning: Zalgo can summon his legions of death and a beast that devour souls to aim him in combat.
  • Dimensional Manifestation: Since Zalgo was in another dimension, he can use his powers from it to affect the enemy in combat.
  • The Presence: Apart from his Requiem, the mere presence of Zalgo can make someone go to the vortex of madness causing the victim in his eldritch aura turn violent and self-destructive.

Intelligence Elder knowledge, able to speak in different tongues and his intelligence is beyond far mortal comprehension. Also rules his entire dimension.

Weaknesses: Requires permission from a human to manifest himself (although more than enough exist, and can use mind control/manipulation to force this on a human), None notable beyond this


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